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  1. Cheers!

    Enjoy the Christmas holidays and all it brings you at work and at home. By drinking responsibly your body will certainly thank you for being so considerate! Just remember that good hydration will help sustain health and wellbeing during this very social food and drink period! Season’s greetings all and Happy New Year! Here's to a peaceful 2018.  
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  2. Your Best Friend this Christmas!

    Your Best Friend this Christmas!
    Brrr it's cold outside. So stay warm and enjoy a hot drink in this festive period. Treat yourself this Christmas to a KettleTap! You will be surprised at its many uses! With the temperature set at boiling point for the perfect brew, a KettleTap makes fast and easy work of the tea round! No waiting for the kettle to boil...
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  3. Rethink Your Drink!

    Rethink Your Drink!
    As we head towards the festive season where we tend to over indulge in eating and drinking, it maybe wise to get a head start to a healthier lifestyle to cope with Christmas meals, entertaining and late nights. Did you know there is a new health drink that can help you lose weight, metabolize fat, improve blood circulation, and promote...
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  4. Hot Tap for Hot Choc

    We start festive December with cold and bright winter days where hot chocolate the perfect go-to drink. Whether it's at your desk, relaxing at home or while out and about Christmas shopping, hot chocolate warms the heart as well as your mitts. #HotTapforHotChoc was the recent hashtag for our social media competition which proved popular. We recommend KettleTaps to save...
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  5. Black Friday. Marvellous or Madness?

    Black Friday. Marvellous or Madness?
    As I wade through my Black Friday-swamped inbox with temptation in every subject line I wonder if Black Friday is simply marvellous or quite frankly madness. Here at the WCD Group we tend to think the former and see a healthy spike in sales over this special weekend as people claim their discounts on water coolers, instant hot taps and...
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  6. Demand Better Drinking Water

    Demand Better Drinking Water
    Clean water is healthy and great tasting water, for smart hydration. Water, as nature intended. Pure and simple. But it doesn’t stay that way for long. By the time drinking water reaches our home or place of work it can contain many impurities – including chlorine, sediment and scale forming minerals - with a taste and odour that can taint...
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  7. Is Black Friday More Like Black FiveDay?

    Is Black Friday More Like Black FiveDay?
    It’s started! Today a very attractive Black Friday 50% off offer for a country hotel bed & breakfast from now til Christmas landed in my inbox. As this event has grown in prominence and online shopping has made searching for a special deal so easy, many more shops and indeed businesses launch ‘deals’ well ahead of the big day. In...
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  8. Sweet As ...

    Sweet As ...
    Did you know it's Sugar Awareness Week - as well as National Sausage Week! Here's the WCD Group's weekly infographic with some super scary stats on the sweet stuff contained in our popular fizzy drinks! Have a great fireworks weekend just watch the sugar intake and make some healthy food and drink swaps elsewhere so that you can still enjoy...
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  9. Halloween Hydration

    Halloween Hydration
    Happy Halloween (next Tuesday officially) but we expect many of you will be trick and treating this weekend! It's a time for chocolate, sticky sweets, toffee apples and social celebrations. Just remember to balance alcohol and ultra sugary drinks with a drop of the good stuff (water!) for good health and to avoid dehydration! Or try our spooky recipes in...
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  10. London's Clean Air Ads on the Tube

    London's Clean Air Ads on the Tube
    Today the Evening Standard reported on a brand new hard-hitting poster campaign highlighting the health risks posed by London's dangerous air pollution levels that is to go on display across the Tube network, starting next month. The posters feature high-impact images of everyday objects covered in black soot and will be displayed across the capital's train and London Underground stations...
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