Offering school water coolers and school water fountains without rental contracts has made us a firm favourite in the Education sector. Our experience has allowed us to develop a range of water coolers, plumbed in water coolers, drinking fountains for schools and hot water boilers to suit a range of locations including busy corridors, gymnasiums, canteens and staff rooms.

Working with Head Teachers, Principals and Bursars throughout the UK we understand the challenges that you face, and can help you to find drinking water dispensers that are reliable, hygienic and robust enough to suit your needs – and your budget!

We highly recommend the following drinking water products:

Please call our free Help Desk on 0800 731 1491.
Our Help Desk personnel have over 40 years of shared experience advising schools, colleges and universities, we can help you by follow these core principles:

The right machine for the right location

We can help you match the right school water cooler to the right location and take account of the performance levels required throughout the day (especially at break time).

Work to your budget

We match the machine and the levels of service to your needs and budget. For instance many schools prefer to maintain and install the machines themselves giving them further cost savings.

Reject bottles where possible

Our staff will never suggest expensive bottled water cooler solutions unless there is no other alternative. Switching to plumbed in coolers for schools is also a great opportunity to go green, get the children excited about the environment and reinforce your environmental credentials.

Encourage students to drink more

We can provide ways to encourage children to drink more water, including sports bottles, easily accessible water fountains and posters to help children stay hydrated on the go.

FREE Coolers for Schools

We often run campaigns offering the option of a FREE reconditioned water cooler for schools on the UK when they pay for the installation and take out a full service contract with us. Get in contact to find out more about the special school deals we are running today.