Water Machines for Service Providers & FMs

Our Help Desk team has over 40 years of shared experience advising Service Providers and FMs on the provision of drinking water in offices and public buildings, large and small. We stock the widest range of water solutions including traditional water coolers, drinking water fountains and water boilers and if necessary can also commission bespoke solutions.

We highly recommend the following drinking water products:

Whether your client is a hospital requiring sealed units or a large office demanding a high capacity boiling water dispenser; we have the drinking water product that you are looking for.

Please call our free Help Desk on 0800 731 1491 .

Your own dedicated Account Manager

We set you up with your own dedicated account manager to ensure that any concerns from you or your client are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Flexible maintenance

For peace of mind we are now offering a wide choice of flexible maintenance contracts to suit your machine and budget. A range of flexible service plans is available for varying timeframes and prices, to suit your needs and budget.

Low cost to you and the environment

We strongly recommend plumbed in water coolers that connect to your client's mains water supply, providing an easy to maintain solution that dispenses low cost, high quality drinking water with the lowest environmental impact. If a location has no potable water supply we can also offer a wide range of bottled water coolers.

Multiple locations

Our team is highly experienced at managing multiple locations and can offer advice on how best to handle invoicing, health and safety, maintenance and delivery.

Members of the EDWCA and BWCA

We are members of the EDWCA and BWCA and are regularly audited for sanitisation practices. We are rigorous in ensuring that all the machines in our care are installed and sanitised correctly and have filter changes when appropriate.


We are a fully affiliated SAFEContractor approved company demonstrating our compliance and commitment to ensure that Health and Safety processes and policies are maintained and adhered to.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Help Desk actively promotes solutions that reduce bottle deliveries thereby reducing your client's carbon footprint; these solutions can help them to comply with their CSR policy.