We help save 21 plastic bottles per second

Water Coolers Direct was founded in 2003 following a research trip by our CEO to Australia to research plumbed in hydration solutions. At this time this was something unknown to the UK and Europe, however he passionately believed that the future was refilling.

From the humble beginnings of a "one man band" in a loft conversion, to a thriving business with over 50 full time employees. Together our team is helping eradicate single-use plastic within businesses across the UK and Europe.

Here at Water Coolers Direct, every second we help to save 21 plastic bottles from entering landfill.

  • 30,000 plumbed in coolers installed
  • 15 staff in average office
  • 4 refills per day
  • 21 bottles saved per second
  • 21 bottles saved per second 21 bottles saved per second
  • 1,260 bottles saved per minute 1,260 bottles saved per minute
  • 75,600 bottles saved per hour 75,600 bottles saved per hour
  • 1,814,400 bottles saved per day 1,814,400 bottles saved per day
We help save 1,814,400 plastic bottles every day

This may seem like a huge amount of plastic bottles that are saved from entering landfill, however this only makes up 0.014% of the 1.3 billion bottles sold every day around the world.

Need some help visualising this?

Eifell Tower next to 1.3 billion bottles

Every day the equivalent of a bottle pile half the size of the Eiffel Tower in Paris is sold around the world.

How you can help

Plumbed in water coolers and drinking water fountains are a great way to conveniently get filtered water whilst reducing the number of single use water bottles you use. Be sure to use a reusable bottle, glass or mug.

More and more gyms, reception areas, foyers, and offices are installing plumbed in (mains fed) water coolers where you refill your glass or sports bottle, recycle and reuse. More environmentally friendly than bottled coolers and chilled and filtered water tastes great too.

Together we can tackle plastic pollution with a refill solution!

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