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Is taxing sugary drinks the answer to tackling obesity?

23 July 2015 (0) comments

For those of us who have a sugary drink habit, the British Medical Association has suggested that we dig a little deeper in our pockets for the sake of our health. They’ve strongly recommended that a 20% tax be levied against these beverages and they have certainly gone to some lengths to back this request up.

Sugar = Unhealthy?

Okay, in terms of sugar being the cause of all obesity, perhaps that is a little strong but the British Medical Association have their collective eyes on the British waistline and the news is pretty grim. According to their research, 30% of the UK will be obese by 2030 and that isn’t too far away. They blame the sheer volume of sugar that we consume as the chief culprit and also our lack of awareness is key to this not too distant epidemic. Fizzy and still sugary drinks are packed with sugar and calories and by increasing the price tag by 20%, they are confident that this will make potential buyers think twice about the purchase. 

Children and Water

The BBC has recently highlighted the issue of children and obesity and the message is very clear – replace sugary drinks with water! Essentially, sugary drinks represent nothing but empty calories and although they are not calling for an outright ban on these products, they suggest common sense should be used as a yardstick. According to sources, we should be aiming for about 11% of our total daily calories to be supplied by sugary foods. Children’s daily intake needs to be monitored even more closely than adults because the dangers of developing diabetes and obesity at a young age is a real issue. Apparently milk is still okay in moderation but water is the king as far as hydration is concerned.

At WaterCoolersDirect.com we work together with schools and colleges all over the UK to help our children remain hydrated. Read more on our Healthy Hydration in Schools campaign here.   

Water, water everywhere

So it seems rather obvious that now is time to look a lot closer at our own drinking habits as far as hydration is concerned and when you consider that safe water is accessible in this country, it’s a no brainer. If you are concerned about plastic bottles and your personal carbon footprint, why not opt for a plumbed in water cooler that connects directly to the mains water supply for your workplace or a home water cooler? Our health is the most important thing we have and why risk it just for the sake of a few cans of pop?

To read more on proposed changes from the British Medical Association click here. 

Keep Your Kids Hydrated

09 July 2015 (0) comments

Keep Your Kids Hydrated! 

Children are more at risk from suffering from dehydration as their bodies struggle to cool down as efficiently as adults, making them more at risk during the Summer! 

Game, Set, Hydrate!

29 June 2015 (0) comments

Game, Set, Hydrate!

Around this time of year we start to notice more aspiring tennis players gracing the courts in our public parks as the whole nation gears up for what must be the most exciting grass court competition of the whole year, Wimbledon!  Whether its tennis or another sport that you enjoy, it’s important to remember how crucial hydration is. Remember in advance that taking part in any form of exercise, requires you to hydrate before, during and after your chosen exercise session in order to reap the full benefits. This article takes a closer look at why and how we can avoid dehydration and set ourselves up for a truly enjoyable UK summer of sport.

The Basics

If you are thinking about partaking in some sporting activity it is generally best to drink before, during and afterwards. For example, if you are playing tennis or going for a jog at 14:00, about two hours before, try to drink two glasses of water. Whilst you are exercising, drink another cup every 20 minutes or so if possible. This is why you will notice professional tennis players such as Andy Murray drinking between every couple of games on the court as a bare minimum. After the match has ended, have a decent drink of at least two cups of nice chilled water. The general rules are for each pint of sweat you create, drink double in water.

WTA and Recovery Nutrition

The Women’s Tennis Association know a thing or two about how to avoid dehydration. So let’s take a look at a few proven tips that the professionals themselves stick to, also known as the 4 R’s:

  • Rehydrate using electrolytes and fluids
  • Replenish with carbohydrates
  • Reinforce your immune system with the help of nutrition heavy foods
  • Regenerate your muscles with a healthy dose of protein foods 

Water and a few added extras

So when it comes to the best possible fluids to counteract and prevent dehydration, water is the undisputed king, plus it is free! But there is nothing to say that we can’t add a little flavour to make that rehydration a little more enjoyable. Try and avoid sugary drinks because not only do they play havoc with your fluid levels, but they also pack a lot of calories that kind of defeats the object of exercising in the first place. Robinson Barley Water has been a firm favourite with professional tennis players for decades. For more refreshing flavoured water combinations click here.

But the bottom line is if you want to be 100% sure about how healthy your sports drink happens to be, stick with H2O and you’ll always be on the winning team.

For more information on how much water your body needs and to stay on top of your hydration levels, please download our free Drink Alarm App

Water Coolers Direct at FM Show 2015

16 June 2015 (0) comments

Water Coolers Direct at FM Show 2015

It's time! We are here at the FM 2015 show, showcasing a selection of the most innovative hydration solutions on the market! We encourage all facilities managers and pretty much anybody who is interested in hydration to come on over for a terrific day out with plenty of exciting things to do and see.

Hydration in your Workplace

As hydration specialists, we are committed to helping everyone understand exactly how vital it is to maintain a healthy level of hydration and how it can improve your performance in the workplace. This year's show is dedicated to workplace hydration solutions and WCD are experts when it comes to providing the best products on the market, so please pop in for some excellent displays of hydration devices and so much more!

We’ve got the lot!

On Wednesday 17th June, we have rugby superstar Phil Vickery on our stand and he will be talking about the Aquatap Hottap and many more WCD products. We also have a brilliant competition that will please sports fans young and old! Why not drop by and enter for the chance of winning a signed England Rugby shirt?

More than gimmicks

Why not come over and check out our stand today at the FM 2015 show and see what else we have on offer? There are hydration solutions for home and the workplace and also for your school or college. We are at stand number T1275 and we hope to see you real soon!