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  1. Heatwave hydration hacks

    Heatwave hydration hacks
    This week’s blog is all about staying happy and hydrated in the sun, which is forecast for most of us this bank holiday weekend across the UK! The human body is made up of around 75% water and if this level is not maintained the body cannot function effectively. In hot conditions extra pressure is placed on our bodies and...
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  2. Did you know it's National Afternoon Tea Week?

    Did you know it's National Afternoon Tea Week?
    Top tea facts Did you know this week is National Afternoon Tea Week? We are a nation of tea drinkers and drink 165 million cups of tea a day, which is enough to fill about 20 Olympic swimming pools! What better way to celebrate this week with the quintessential British tradition of afternoon tea? Afternoon tea involves dainty savouries, sandwiches...
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  3. Top tips for #plasticfreetravel

    Top tips for #plasticfreetravel
    Many of us joined in with the plastic free July movement in a pledge to say goodbye to single-use plastic. We can still keep making a difference during August which is a significant holiday month with #PlasticFreeTravel which not only reduces plastic but can also allow you to travel waste-free as well which is easier on both your packing load...
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  4. Why a water cooler is good for business?

    Why a water cooler is good for business?
    For about as long as anyone can remember, people have gathered at the water coolers in their workplace to talk about the latest interesting things, business and social. Water coolers are where the ‘real meetings’ happen! Water cooler chat Many would argue that inspiration and quality work is born out of true collaboration. The art of water cooler chat is...
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  5. How to stay hydrated during Wimbledon

    How to stay hydrated during Wimbledon
    Although some may say that if you blink you will probably miss it, the British summer has arrived and now is the time to take a closer look at your hydration regime and make sure you taking enough liquid. Just look at the crowds of spectators enjoying Wimbledon and you will see that the temperatures have increased sufficiently enough to...
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  6. How Deposit Return Schemes Cut Single-Use Plastic

    How Deposit Return Schemes Cut Single-Use Plastic
    Thanks to Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk and the Marine Conservation Society when a trial Deposit Return Scheme machine arrived in the town and created much interest with the public and local businesses. Already DRS for drinks containers are in use in Scotland, recycling drinks bottles of different sizes including milk and juice bottles too. DEFRA is planning to bring this...
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  7. How to stay hydrated when exercising

    How to stay hydrated when exercising
    Cricket, cycling, football, netball, golf, tennis - this certainly is the season for sport. Whether you are donning your bat, racket, bike, or visiting the gym more often, it is very important to ensure you stay hydrated while working out. Keeping hydrated is vital when working out. If you are not drinking enough water, your nutrition plan and fitness program...
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  8. Bottled water versus tap #WarOnPlastic

    Bottled water versus tap #WarOnPlastic
    Who watched Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's #WarOnPlastic programme last night? What compelling viewing and well done Hugh and Anita, on revealing the facts and engaging with the big hitters in retail and industry to affect change. Earth is becoming known as 'planet plastic' says Hugh. It is more than just the pollution from physical pieces and particles of plastic that are entering...
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  9. Top tips to go single-use plastic free

    Top tips to go single-use plastic free
    You may have noticed that this week held the second annual #OnePlasticFreeDay and the airwaves were buzzing with single-use plastic pollution notifications, hints and suggestions as to what we can all do in the home and workplace to help reduce plastic waste with sustainable alternatives or simply cut it out completely. It was also the week when Waitrose announced a...
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  10. Top Tips to Drink More Water at Work and Home

    Top Tips to Drink More Water at Work and Home
    It’s going to be warm this weekend and even with the very best of intentions, most of us know that we’re not actually drinking enough water. A staggering 89% of us are not drinking enough water to maintain healthy hydration levels. In fact 13% of women and 20% of men admit to drinking no water at all during the day...
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