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  1. Five questions to ask when buying an instant boiling hot tap

    Five questions to ask when buying an instant boiling hot tap
    The latest kitchen must have. It’s no wonder more and more offices are installing instant boiling hot taps. Hot taps are a key feature in most new kitchen builds and when refurbishing the busiest room in the home, it’s so easy to add a multi-function tap that gives you water as you want it. Hot taps are great and have...
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  2. Five hacks to better hydration

    Five hacks to better hydration
    How great is water! You can bathe in it, swim in it, cook with it and drinking it gives you a whole host of health and wellbeing benefits. Topping up your hydration is vital to the way in which your body operates. Many of us are guilty of forgetting to drink water, but if you’re even so much as 1...
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  3. Five reasons why porridge is good for you

    Five reasons why porridge is good for you
    As it turns a little colder this week, it’s nice to have a hot rather than cold breakfast at home, at your desk or on the go! Or maybe it is time to look at your breakfast habits and make a healthy change? Porridge is the traditional breakfast of champions and traditional prison food, deriving from the word ‘pottage’ meaning...
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  4. When is Black Friday 2019?

    When is Black Friday 2019?
    It’s started! No longer restricted to just one day, Black Friday lasts a whole week and in a lot of cases a whole month! As this event has grown in prominence and online shopping has made searching for a special deal so easy, many more shops and indeed businesses launch deals well ahead of the big day. Many try to beat...
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  5. Why Sober October and drinking water works?

    Why Sober October and drinking water works?
    A big well done to all you sober heroes who went through the whole of October without a drink, until tonight! It is Halloween after all. ‘Go Sober for October' is a campaign run on behalf of the Macmillan Cancer charity where thousands of adults all over the UK and beyond have abstained from booze for 31 days in order...
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  6. Ten reasons to refill a reusable bottle

    Ten reasons to refill a reusable bottle
    In today’s day and age, the call for reusable bottles is on the rise more than ever. In 2019, plastics make up 60 to 90% of all marine debris. In the time it will take you to read the first few sentences of this post, humans have bought around 1,000,000 plastic bottles. With global warming becoming a very real threat...
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  7. Wolfys and KettleTap in Porridge Partnership

    Wolfys and KettleTap in Porridge Partnership
    Two local Gloucestershire businesses have partnered in a venture that sees the successful porridge firm Wolfys, offering its consumers the chance to win an inspiring, instant boiling KettleTap®, a very desirable prize worth over £1000. KettleTap is a hot hydration brand within the WCD Group, headquartered at Gloucester Business Park. Based in the Stroud Valleys Wolfys has been making its...
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  8. Choose to reuse

    Choose to reuse
    Single use plastic and waste pollution continues to dominate our news headlines as a contributing factor to the climate change crisis. One impactful way to drastically cut the number of plastic bottles entering the oceans and environment is to reuse. Instead of ordering your favourite hot beverage in single use take out cups that don’t get properly recycled, invest in...
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  9. Give us a try!

    Give us a try!
    With the Rugby World Cup 2019 starting today in Japan, here are a few fun facts to wow your friends when discussing this great sport! Rugby history Rugby has been a popular sport for well over a hundred years. This historic English game has evolved over the years to become the sport we know and love today. It originated when...
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  10. Plastic free hydration

    Plastic free hydration
    Whether it’s back to school or back to work this week has seen a return to routine for many of us, with slightly cooler mornings and evenings, too! With an eye on healthy eating and our wallets, it’s also back to making and taking plastic free lunchboxes to school and the workplace so we can eat and drink what we...
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