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  1. Enjoy a Water Cooler Moment Today!

    Enjoy a Water Cooler Moment Today!
    Not only the best way to keep hydrated and feel better about work and life, the humble water cooler has, for many years, been the centre point for many discussions and creative brainstorms in business. Famous for those inspiring cooler chats, water coolers are at the heart of the office or reception space, and unite people in offices up and...
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  2. Water Works!

    Water Works!
    In this warmer weather keep your water bottle topped up and make sure you drink your daily '8' glasses a day for better hydration and health. Here are some handy hints and tips to help make drinking more water a pleasure not a chore!
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  3. Keeping Hydrated for Exercise

    Keeping Hydrated for Exercise
    Tennis, cycling, cricket, F1 racing; this certainly is the month for a wealth of sport to enjoy watching but also doing! Whether you are donning your bat, racket, bike, or visiting the gym more often, it is very important to ensure you stay hydrated while working out. Keeping hydrated is vital when working out. If you are not drinking...
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  4. How to Keep your Workforce Happy!

    How to Keep your Workforce Happy!
    From recent sunshine and heatwaves to a dull, drizzly Wednesday, providing the best quality water dispensers for chilled and filtered cold drinks and instant boiling drinking water for hot teas and coffees, helps to keep your team hydrated and happy! Whether it's a bottle or plumbed in water cooler in reception and offices, or an instant KettleTap in the...
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  5. Summer is Here!

    Summer is Here!
    Today is the longest day and marks the start of Summer. Remember to drink more water in this hot weather!
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  6. Kettle vs KettleTap!

    Kettle vs KettleTap!
    A handy graphic that shows why an instant hot tap - KettleTap - saves you money lowering your expensive energy bills, optimises staff time to make the tea round at the touch of a button, and reduces main water use. So many positive and proven productivity and hydration reasons to replace the old fashioned kettle with a KettleTap. Especially...
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  7. Boost Exam Performance

    Boost Exam Performance
    Remembering to drink water before and during exams could make a big difference to the performance and outcome for over 2 million young people taking tests this summer. A recent study carried out by psychologists at the University of East London and University of Westminster showed that drinking just 300ml of water can boost attention by almost 25%. ...
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  8. The Dangers of Dehydration

    The Dangers of Dehydration
    As the warmer weather approaches, it’s important to drink more water and stay hydrated in the workplace and at home. Easy to say but harder to do, and sustain! Dehydration can be dangerous and occurs when our body loses more fluid than we drink. The most common cause of water loss from the body is excessive sweating and urination...
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  9. Are You Bored?

    Are You Bored?
    … of drinking water ! Do you ever just forget to drink water, or rely on tea and coffee to keep hydrated throughout the day? Is it only when a real thirst kicks in at the end of the afternoon, that you even think about having a glass of water? (And then opt for a glass of wine instead!) ...
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  10. Eat Veggies for Hydration!

    Eat Veggies for Hydration!
    Happy National Vegetarian Week! Eat more water! Food contributes a whopping 20% to our daily hydration quota.
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