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February: National Heart Month

10 February 2016 (0) comments

February is national heart month! The heart is largely affected by all our bad habits so cutting these out can drastically improve your health and wellbeing. Hydration plays a big part in the smooth running of our hearts, so make sure to stay hydrated even if you're not planning any exercise - your heart works harder than any other muscle! One of our water coolers can help you stay hydrated throughout the day when working or relaxing at home.

New Year New You

08 January 2016 (0) comments

It's this time of the year again when many of us decide to change our bad habits. A lot of new year's resolutions concern our health and wellbeing often addressing our bad smoking and drinking habits or weight loss. The latest infographic looks at statistics relating to new year's resolutions and it's surprising to see that as many as 2/3 of Brits have made fitness their 2016 target. At WaterCoolersDirect we believe that your water intake has a big impact on your overall wellbeing and our drink alarm app is there to keep your water consumption on the right track..


Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

12 November 2015 (0) comments

A hot tea or coffee is a daily essential for a lot of the UK population but not many people realise that brews made from herbs, fruits or roots have numerous health benefits. We preapred an infographic outlining the health benefits of many popular herbal teas. If you want to make preparing teas or coffees easier at home or in the work place than our kitchen hot tap can help you save time and money.

Well-being at Work

21 October 2015 (0) comments

Wellbeing of employees should be one of the main concerns for every employer. How well your employees feel will be reflected in their productivity and quality of their work. Take a look at out new infographic to find out how an office with a water cooler or more natural light can increase productivity.

Can chocolate be good for you?

15 October 2015 (0) comments

The national chocolate week is upon us! This year's event is held in London and it's main aim is to unite and encourage chocolate factories working with fair trade suppliers. But can chocolate have a positive impact on your body? Take a look at our latest infographic to find out!