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  1. Eat Veggies for Hydration!

    Eat Veggies for Hydration!
    Happy National Vegetarian Week! Eat more water! Food contributes a whopping 20% to our daily hydration quota.
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  2. Eat More Water

    Yes that’s right EAT! This week it’s National Vegetarian Week and linked to our passion for water, it’s all about choosing an alternative way of eating and looking at the health benefits of choosing more fruit, and certain vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes, in your diet. See how their high water content can really contribute to your daily water...
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  3. Time to Recycle the Kettle?

    Time to Recycle the Kettle?
    Access to instant boiling drinking water is the way forward in the kitchen or canteen, at home and in the work place. The trend to ditch the old fashioned kettle is on the rise. (Please remember to dispose of electricals safely and responsibly!) Making a round of hot drinks in the office takes valuable staff time, uses more water...
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  4. Maintenance Pays!

    Maintenance Pays!
    Prevention is better than cure so say! When it comes to hot drinking water equipment, such as instant KettleTaps and water boilers, keeping your equipment in good working order saves a lot of hassle from the team if it should stop working at tea break. Imagine the out cry! Regular sanitisation, servicing and scale management filters keep your tap...
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  5. Tips for a Great Bank Hols

    Tips for a Great Bank Hols
    Wishing you all a great bank holiday and here's some handy tips to stay hydrated during your time off!
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  6. Chocolate Heaven. Sweet!

    Chocolate Heaven. Sweet!
    Happy Easter friends. Have a wonderful holiday weekend with yours friends and family. Don't forget to stay hydrated when eating all those choccy eggs. Here's a fun infographic that tells all about chocolate and why water matters! Enjoy!      
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  7. Celebrating UK Coffee Week

    Celebrating UK Coffee Week
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  8. Spilling the (Coffee) Beans

    Spilling the (Coffee) Beans
    This week its UK Coffee Week so whether your favourite tipple is a flat white, espresso or latte let’s see if Britain’s favourite café past time is really good for you after all! In a new study from Harvard University it has been reported that drinking three cups of coffee a day – caff or decaff – could help...
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  9. What? No Coffee or Tea?

    What? No Coffee or Tea?
    Keep your team and workplace colleagues happy and keep your hot beverage machines working and in tip top condition. Equipment failures at coffee and tea time can be catastrophic for all concerned! We have been making movies and here’s why! Limescale build up can have a devastating effect on the heating elements in drinking water boilers and instant kettletaps...
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  10. A Nod to World Health Day 2017

    A Nod to World Health Day 2017
    Feelings of wellbeing are so important and not always enjoyed by everyone for varying reasons. So to strive for a healthier lifestyle is an admirable goal and delivers many benefits, personally, at home and in the workplace. Healthy eating with a balanced diet, regular exercise and good hydration certainly do help us in our physical and mental wellbeing wishes. ...
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