For about as long as anyone can remember, people have gathered at the water coolers in their workplace to talk about the latest interesting things, business and social. Water coolers are where the ‘real meetings’ happen!

Water cooler chat

Many would argue that inspiration and quality work is born out of true collaboration. The art of water cooler chat is a great way for individuals working in an office together to collaborate and share some moments of inspiration away from their computers. It also helps establish personal connections at work, so the team can bat around ideas in a creative fashion. Business individuals that take the time to meet around their water coolers get to know each other better. We are not encouraging time wasting but a minute or two to catch up with colleagues can prove so beneficial for business.

Employees that have the chance to spend a moment at the water cooler are going to be more connected, perhaps, where communication is key.


Perhaps this has become even more valuable as computers, mobiles and the online world has reduced our face-to-face engagement. No matter how much we rely on and utilise the digital world, there's no way to replace the benefits that come from human interaction. The world continues to grow and change, and the workplace definitely evolves along with it. The way people share and connect with one another, at least in person, will likely remain the same for a long time to come.

Hydrated teams perform better

Providing chilled and filtered water on tap is so important for our health. Advice says our bodies need around 8 glasses a day for optimum performance and wellbeing. It’s important to keep your team hydrated and in tip top form.

There are many benefits that drinking enough water brings to your working life. The list is impressive: increasing energy, concentration and relieving tiredness; encouraging weight loss with a healthy diet; flushing out unwanted toxins and improving skin complexion; good digestion; boosting your immune system, and reducing headaches! Hydration helps put you in a good mood. When your body is functioning at its optimum you will feel great and perform better!

Reduce and reuse

If your location and premises allow then go for plumbed in hydration points in the office to refill reusable bottles and save buying pointless single-use water and high sugar drinks in bottles. Good for you and good for the environment reducing waste and landfill.

More and more offices are installing self-fill drinking water stations for this very reason to cut pollution. Water coolers are great in offices and corporate environments. Fountains and dispensers are perfect for high footfall public areas serving chilled and filtered water that is pristine.

Instant hot water taps

It’s not just cold water that can help quench your thirst! If your office or workplace invests in an instant hot water KettleTap, you can get boiling water instantly at the touch of the button. Instant hot taps will help speed up the tea round and improve overall productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

Refill not landfill

The other bad thing to come from fizzy, sugary drinks is the global plastic pollution issue that our planet and oceans face. These drinks come in single-use plastic bottles where a staggering 57% are not recycled and end up in landfill, the ocean and in the stomachs of our sea life.


Reward your staff with a branded bottle to reuse and refill; increasing company awareness as well as treating your team. The popular colourful metal flasks, such as Chilly’s and SHO, keep hot water hot for 12 hours and cold water chilled for 24! Great for work, home and on the go.