Staying healthy is on all our minds right now and while most of us are self-isolating and working from home, hydration has never been so important to our feeling good and wellbeing.

Topping up your hydration is vital to the way in which your body operates. Many of us are guilty of forgetting to drink enough water, but if you’re even so much as 1% dehydrated, your mental wellbeing declines. Your sports performance goes downhill when dehydration reaches 3% which doesn’t seem like much, but it could be very useful when doing the Virgin 2.6k challenge this weekend.

Here are some quick-fire top tips to help you stay healthy and hydrated.

1. Use an app to track your progress

There are many free drinks apps online to help you count and monitor your water consumption – and they even remind you when to take your next drink with friendly alerts. Another neat idea is tell Alexa to remind you to take a drink every hour or so and take a break from your desk.

2. Make it a sparkling

Water goes down a lot better when it’s fizzy. Many water dispensers and multi-function hot and cold taps deliver chilled, filtered and sparkling water at the touch if a button.

3. Drink through a straw

There’s something about sipping through a straw that makes everything seem better especially when its loaded with ice and mint and fruit slices.

Picnic bench with fresh fruits

5. Infuse your drink

Want to jazz up your water and give it bit more oomph. Spruce it up with fruits, vegetables or herbs. Serve it in a jug with some ice or just refill your reusable bottle as they all have quite wide necks. Adding fruit and herbs and sip on a fruit medley infusion to drink more water.

6. Eat your water

Hydration doesn’t just come in liquid form. You can top up your H2O levels by eating water-rich foods such as celery, cucumbers, apples, watermelon and soups.

Chopped cucumber

7. Add a little spice to your life

A little trick to boost your metabolism. Sprinkle a little chilli onto your plate of food to add that extra kick, which will then get you drinking more water for sure!

Stay safe and hydrated to boost your health and wellbeing.

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Have a good weekend at home.

desk top cooler with glass water