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  1. Recycle, Reduce, Refill

    Recycle, Reduce, Refill

    Not a day passes without plastic pollution making headline news. While manufacturers research alternative packaging technologies and retailers launch schemes...
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  2. Airlines Ban Plastic Cutlery

    At the weekend the national papers, including the Daily Mail and Telegraph, reported how airlines are looking to cut plastic...
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  3. Healthier Hydration

    Healthier Hydration

    This week we celebrate World Health Day, actually on Saturday 7 April in fact. The WHO is calling on world...
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  4. World Water Day 2018!

    World Water Day 2018!

    Spring is coming! Feel healthier as the better weather and lighter nights approach. Make changes to your hydration! Here are...
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  5. Will Manchester Be First Plastic Free City

    Will Manchester Be First Plastic Free City

    A plastic free city in the UK by 2020? Now that's a statement. Read more here at BBC News. Former...
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  6. #PassOnPlastic!


    It just shows how many 'eco' alternatives there are out there to replace plastic, and in all walks of life...
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  7. Time for Tea!

    I didn't know there was plastic in tea bags! Of all things! Such an interesting read and to see the...
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  8. Starbucks Introduce Levy on Single Use Cups

    What a great initiative from Starbucks! Starbucks has introduced a 5p charge for single-use cups in its central London locations...
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  9. Fill Your Own !

    We love this week's infographic that gives you an insight into self drinking water solutions for your business. Reduce plastic...
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  10. Love Our Planet!

    Love is in the air this week! Amid all the news on plastic pollution and stemming the rising tide of...
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