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  1. How to change your water cooler filter

    It’s easy to look after a water cooler - they are very reliable and low maintenance and with regular filter...
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  2. Anyone for Tennis?

    Anyone for Tennis?

    Well summer has truly arrived and some say is here for a while longer! Now is a perfect time to...
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  3. Phew It's Warm Out There!

    Phew It's Warm Out There!

    As we enter a good stretch of lovely weather across most of the UK for the foreseeable remember to increase...
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  4. Boost Exam Performance!

    Boost Exam Performance!

    It's a well known fact that good hydration helps deliver a clearer mind and better concentration, most essential during revision...
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  5. Sugar Tax Helps Fight Obesity

    Sugar Tax Helps Fight Obesity

    There is a lot of talk about obesity and fighting the rising weight of Britons, particularity by celebrity chefs with...
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  6. News. Plastic Pact Packs Punch

    The UK Plastic Pact packs a punch! Its unified, hard hitting mission sets out to ban all single use plastic...
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  7. World's Greatest Marathon

    World's Greatest Marathon

    Run like the wind! Good luck to all those heading to London this Sunday's for the world's greatest Marathon. Whatever...
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  8. Marathon Hydration Matters

    Marathon Hydration Matters

    Phew it's warm, and isn't it lovely, but please do remember to stay hydrated especially this weekend! Whether you are...
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  9. Plastic Tops Commonwealth Agenda

    Plastic Tops Commonwealth Agenda

    Commonwealth news today. Straws, stirrers, cotton buds & disposable plastics could be banned as Theresa May targets #plasticpollution #hydration #SelfFill...
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  10. Plastic Eating Enzyme !

    Plastic Eating Enzyme !

    Wow this research from Portsmouth University could be game changing! An enzyme that can break down PET plastic bottles and...
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