It’s easy to look after a water cooler - they are very reliable and low maintenance and with regular filter changes and some TLC, it will continue to provide you with great tasting, pristine drinking water for many years. As with any appliance, there are things you can and should do to optimise the performance of your cooler so by changing the filter twice a year you can deliver safe drinking water in your office or building. Research by the BWCA (British Water Cooler Association) shows that regular sanitisation of your cooler is an important factor to ensure the quality of the water dispensed is maintained at an optimum level. A mains-connected cooler should be sanitised and the filter replaced every six months. After the recommended periods, water quality could deteriorate and may become undrinkable. Our video shows you how to change the filter on your water cooler and sanitise it , in a minute or two, to keep it in top condition and the water tasting great.

Always keep it clean

It’s a good idea to keep the outside of your cooler clean and sparkly. It only takes a minute with an antibacterial wipe to keep it looking like new!

Sanitise your cooler regularly

Every six months it is recommended that the cooler is sanitised. Simply flush a sanitising fluid through the water cooler and it clears the system of any bacteria to ensure your water continues to taste great. Sanitisation is the cleaning and sterilisation of the mouth and water contact parts of a water dispenser (cooler or fountain), especially the tap mechanism. It is designed to remove biofilm and other bacterial matter from the cooler. Biofilm is organic matter that contains bacteria and can build up on the waster contact surfaces of both bottled and plumber in coolers. Our handy ‘sani’ kits are easily available and very economic.

Regular filter changes

Change the filter within the cooler at the correct intervals. Filters have an average life span of six months and so will need changing twice a year. It’s easy to change a filter and can be done in just a few minutes. Isolate and turn off the water supply, twist the filter cartridge and pull. Replace with a new filter! See our handy video it’s as easy as 1.2.3. We can send you a replacement filter from stock when you need it. A recommended maintenance schedule can increase the lifespan of your water dispenser by ensuring the cooler is working at its optimum level, giving the best energy efficiency and cooling performance.

Check the drip tray

Empty and clean the drip tray regularly. To prevent dirt build up and water leaking from your cooler, simply remove and empty the drip tray. It only takes a minute to do!  From time-to-time check that the pipe connections are good by having a quick look around the water cooler and the cooler is performing at its best. After all, the water cooler should not contribute in any way to the microbiological content of the water. The water that is dispensed from a properly maintained and sensibly used water cooler should be the same quality as the water before it enters the filter.

Cooler maintenance and servicing

Of course if you don’t have the time or the inclination to do this yourself, you can call us and we can do it for you, backed by our nationwide team of engineers. An annual service plan ensures:
  • Regular filter changes
  • Sanitisation to keep it clean
  • A check to keep the drinking water supply safe and free from harmful bacteria!
  • Full guarantees and safety documentation
  • Free technical help desk for any query
We have both bottle and POU (plumbed in) Sanitisation Kits on offer at just £39.00 ex vat (down from £69!). You can talk to our friendly sales team on 0800 7311 491 to find the right service package for you for a stress- and hassle-free service solution. Or look for more information at