Staying hydrated during the painful journey through the airport can be a task in and of itself. You’ve got to first navigate the car park or drop off, make sure you’re in the right terminal and then wait to get through security. All of that can be thirsty work, yet the security laws around water and other liquids can be rather stringent. 

How much water can I take through security? 

Officially, you can only take 100ml of fluid through UK airport security. But that 100ml can’t only be spared to get you through the wait for an inevitably delayed flight.   

So what do I do to stay hydrated?

Arina Bloom worked as a flight attendant for two years, where she learned a number of tricks for saving money while travelling. Ms Bloom told Yahoo News: "Plane travel is expensive. You already paid for the ticket, taxi, and luggage, so don't waste your money on overpriced airport water. "You can't take liquids through security, but no one says you can't take an empty bottle. "Most airports are full of water fountains, and many have a special pump to refill bottles quickly. "To keep your bottle full during the flight, just ask your flight attendant for a refill. If you're lucky, they may even put ice in it." Have you got a favourite reusable bottle? Then don’t be afraid of taking it through security (as long as it’s empty) and getting the most out of it as soon as you’re through into the airport.  

Where can I find a refill station?

If you’re worried about trying to find one of these refill points, don’t fret. London Heathrow alone has a whopping 107 water fountains spread across the five terminals. And in Edinburgh, all food and drink outlets will provide free drinking water and top up water bottles on request. If you haven’t purchased a reusable bottle yet, then check out ours! Ourselves at The WCD Group Ltd supply a wide range of airports in the UK with their refill points, so if you think you’ve seen us, make sure to tag @wcdgroup on Instagram!