Get Hydrated, Stay Hydrated with our FREE Drink Alarm App!

At last the day has come, after hours and hours of behind the scenes development we are now launching our brand new, free Drink Alarm app!!!

We developed this app as a tool to help people get hydrated. Drinking the recommended amount of water (which obviously varies from person to person) is essential for us to stay in tip-top condition and has numerous health benefits.

For anyone who is keen to live a healthy lifestyle and wanting to experience the benefits of being and staying hydrated, this app is a must have.

One of our primary aims when developing the app was to make sure it was free as we want this valuable information available to anyone. We also wanted to ensure that it was fun and easy to use and doesn't require the user entering excessive amounts of information. Hopefully you'll agree that we have achieved this!

It is also flexible and allows the user to specify the length of time they would like to monitor their hydration for and specify the type of container they will be drinking from (which can quickly be changed accordingly without affecting the user's history).

Ultimately, this app is a refreshing, easy way for people to monitor and improve their hydration levels.

So, why don't you download it and give it a go? We'd love to hear what you think...