As we plough through week seven of lockdown and for most working from home, exercise has become even more Important for mental and physical wellbeing.

We may not be going to the gym, taking part in a tennis classes, or playing team sports but the nation is walking, cycling, running, using weights in the home and this is giving us all purpose, distraction and keeping our minds and our bodies in the best condition during these tough times.

No matter how healthy you are or whatever your age happens to be, staying properly hydrated is key to wellbeing while exercising.

Whether you are a budding athlete or simply enjoy more than the typical amount of daily exercise during these times, it is even more vital to increase your daily water intake as laid out by the experts.

Good hydration means getting the right amount of water before, during, and after exercise. Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints. It helps transport nutrients to give you energy and keep you healthy. If you're not hydrated, your body can't perform at its best.

You can tell if you're properly hydrated if your urine is light in colour. The darker the colour the more dehydrated you are.

Exercise and hydration not only keep you healthy but also lift your mood and mental wellbeing especially when we get a bit overwhelmed by circumstances.

Key hydration tips

In terms of maintaining a healthy fluid balance in your body, the urinary tract has to be right at the top. In order to keep this system working properly, we must stay hydrated throughout the day. Once dehydration starts to kick in, something called the hypothalamus detects this change and begins to release a hormone known as vasopressin. This triggers our thirst and tells our kidneys to start conserving water. Although this incredible set of actions will help our bodies to deal with dehydration, if we continue to remain in this state, we risk an infection to our urinary tract that will cause kidney stones and present health risks.

Why we get thirsty

Although we get a real thirst when dehydration starts to rear its ugly head, we should not rely on this timely reminder every time as dehydration has already started to kick in. It is far better to plan your drinking habits throughout the day because thirst alone is not reliable enough to stave off the dreaded D word. Here are a few ways that thirst develops:

  • When water moves away from less salty intracellular fluid and starts diluting the extracellular fluid
  • If drinking water happens to rebalances the sodium concentrations in our systems
  • Basic sweating or consuming high salt foods on will increase the sodium content in our bodies

Stay hydrated

So instead of waiting for thirst to tell you to drink more water, why not avoid it altogether and stay hydrated? By ensuring that you have easy access to cool and hot drinking water at all times, you will lessen the chances of dehydration greatly.

Always carry a reusable bottle when you exercise so you can sip while on the move. By refilling a bottle you save buying single-use plastic and so remain considerate to the environment.

Look into installing a chilled water fountainor drinks dispenser in your home and workplace and also look closer at how instant boiling water tapscan have a very positive effect on both your health and timesaving requirements.