Single use plastic and waste pollution continues to dominate our news headlines as a contributing factor to the climate change crisis. One impactful way to drastically cut the number of plastic bottles entering the oceans and environment is to reuse.

Instead of ordering your favourite hot beverage in single use take out cups that don’t get properly recycled, invest in a cup or bottle for life. There are some great brands on the market including Chilly’s, Stojo, Ecoffeecup and the KeepCup so you can take your cup with you from home to work while on the go. Choose a compact design that fits in your bag or briefcase and doesn’t leak.

In your office work speak with your colleagues about instant boiling hot taps. Unlike the autumn weather right now, the hottest piece of kit in the breakout space at work is the KettleTap® - multifunction smart looking taps that do away with the old fashioned and slow energy-sapping kettle.

Conserve energy

Energy is certainly the watchword as we hear about the climate change crisis. So an appliance that saves this precious commodity has to be considered in the workplace and home. We all fill the kettle walk away, take a call and then reboil it maybe several times, wasting energy.

Your business can't afford the time or hidden costs to continuously re-boil and refill the kettle and wait, wait, wait while making the tea round. One KettleTap does it all! Not only do these multi-function hot taps look good in the kitchen, breakout room and boardroom they dispense hot and cold, boiling and chilled water and even sparkling; making it one tap for all your hydration needs. Check out our new 4 in 1. It meets all your hydration needs in one great looking tap.

This is a shout out to all estate managers, developers, architects and specifiers who are considering a design spec that includes a hot tap in a new build or refurb project for instant cold and hot hydration. A wide range of models are available whether it’s for an office of 10 or 100, or at home for the family.

Many businesses are switching over from the traditional and dangerous kettle in the workplace, on the basis of productivity, safety, style and ease. Once you have used a KettleTap for your daily cuppa you will get frustrated waiting for the kettle, and never look back!

In areas of high footfall a wall mounted or counter top hot water boiler handles large drinking water volumes quickly and efficiently. Customer facing cafes, reception and front of house areas require a more stylish solution and this is where the KettleTap comes in.

Make fast work of the tea round

Imagine making your hot drinks in an instant and never waiting for the kettle to boil!

With the temperature set at near boiling point for the perfect brew, a KettleTap makes fast and easy work of the team tea round! No waiting for the kettle to boil, wasting water and constantly refilling it, so delivering a huge saving on the mains water bill. Just heat what you need and use for all your drinking needs, continuously; and it’s so fast, which is why staff productivity is optimised.

The KettleTap delivers on price and performance making around 130 cups per hour, up to 98 degrees. At break time it’s so convenient for instant porridge pots, soups and pasta snacks on the go.

New KettleTap 4 in 1

By moving from the kettle to a KettleTap 4 in 1 or Duo Premium look at the ROI. A business can save time, money and energy (the daily running costs are compelling; more on this later!) providing instant boiling water for the workforce in an environmental way, saving on plastic pollution too!

So while the British weather may be on the turn this September and not be at its hottest, you can be assured your drinks are!