Could it be the Death of the UK Water Cooler Market?

9 June 2011 (0) comments

Ok, so I realise that this is a controversial title for a blog on a water cooler company’s website but it struck me that with all of the different coolers and related products reaching the market and with the vast customer choice that is now available, could it be curtains for the traditional water cooler?

Firstly what is a traditional water cooler? You know the sort – the ones born out of the 1980s that rely on huge plastic bottles of water being delivered by a sweaty delivery driver, who carries them into your (huge) allocated bottled water ‘storage area’. I’m sure you’ve experienced the feeling of dread when the water is running out and you have to muster up all of the strength you’ve got to replace the empty bottle with a full one. Take into account the horrendous environmental impact that these bottled coolers have – the use of plastic to make the bottles, the miles that have to be driven to deliver the water and the huge strain on land fill that the discarded bottles cause – and you can see why the death knell could be sounding for the 80’s office essential.

For those of us who have held a ‘productive meeting’ about last night’s telly whilst stood at the water cooler, this is sad news....

In an attempt to provide the user with something different and to move with the times, the clever product development geeks in the industry have had their thinking caps well and truly on. Some pioneering and forward thinking water solutions have since been launched and your choice in water cooler solutions is now endless.

From ‘plumbed in’ coolers that are plumbed directly into the buildings mains and filter and chill the water on demand (thus totally eradicating the need for plastic bottles), to the swanky InSinkErator Hot Tap that can be installed into your home or office and provide you with filtered chilled and filtered boiling water on demand to under sink chillers and branded plumbed in coolers; there really is something for everybody. There are water coolers of all shapes, sizes and colours – you can even have one the shape of your chosen animal if you really want to (a quirky take on the traditional cooler!).

So maybe it could be the ‘end’ for the old, traditional bottled water cooler but fear not as new, and some may say better products, are just around the corner. Admittedly ‘meet you at the under sink kitchen filter’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but you can’t have it all......



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