Water Coolers Direct is bringing you the shocking news that one of the staple appliances in any kitchen is on its way out! The good old fashioned kettle is being replaced by the stylish, economically efficient and environmentally friendly Zip tap. The amazing hydro tap sits neatly near the sink, integrated into the work top and provides you with an instant supply of hot filtered water at the touch of a button. So it's time to ditch your kettle and join the Zip tap revolution!! Here are the top 10 things that you need to know about the Zip tap:
  1. It dispenses 100 glasses of freshly filtered chilled water and 80 cups of boiling water an hour - plenty to cater for any home or busy office.
  2. Perfect tasting hot drinks can be made in an instant without waiting for the kettle to boil! You could also use the boiling water to cook your pasta quickly...
  3. The Zip tap is plumbed into the mains and water is filtered through a BRITA filter system that removes organic chemicals, tastes and odours leaving you with perfect tasting cold and hot water.
  4. It looks really good! The innovative tap design includes 2 non slip touch pads, showing red for boiling water and blue for cold water.
  5. As a safety precaution the Zip tap is always cool to the touch and is fitted with a child safety lock.
  6. It is much more energy efficient than a kettle. The system only boils the amount of water required and ‘sleep modes' can be set to power down the unit after inactivity. The system can also be set to come on at specific parts of the day.
  7. Maintenance is easy. It only requires a filter change every 6 months.
  8. It's much more environmentally friendly, cost effective and hassle free than buying plastic bottles of water but still gives you the great taste!
  9. The filter system is installed under your sink and dispenses the filtered water through a stainless steel tap, taking up hardly any room.
  10. It's in high demand since appearing on popular TV programmes including Grand Designs and Property Ladder so get your hands on one quick!!