addition to tasting delicious, adding a little lemon to your water has some health benefits. Lemons may be sour, but their effect on the human body is very sweet. In addition to a tall glass of water giving the benefit of hydration, just a few drops of lemon juice can add a number of additional nutrients. Presented below are just a few of the health benefits that this remarkable fruit happens to possess.

Good for Skin

Drinking a little bit of lemon water early in the morning will do wonders for your skin as lemon is high in vitamin C. This nutrient promotes better digestion of other nutrients in the body and also promotes healthier skin. The fruit is very acidic, which means that it also kills certain types of bacteria. This means that lemons can give your skin a healthy glow and that a bit of lemon juice can reduce your chance of developing acne.

Good for Bad Moods

If you suffer from anxiety, exhaustion, or dizziness, a little bit of lemon in your water might be just what you need. Lemons contain natural ingredients that stimulate the production of certain chemicals in the brain, which serve as mood elevators. In addition, the scent of lemon oil helps to increase alertness and focus. If you put a lemon wedge on your glass, the mere scent of the citrus fruit as you drink may be just what you need to improve your day.

Reduces Mouth Sores

Lemon is a very acidic fruit. However, its acids are highly beneficial to the human body. While you shouldn't rely on them too much if you suffer from heartburn or kidney dysfunction, healthy adults can use lemon water to reduce canker sores and other mouth problems. The acid of a lemon washes over the sore and kills harmful bacteria. This results in better and faster healing, leaving your mouth feeling as good as new in just a short while.

Beats the Cold and Flu

As a terrific source of essential minerals, lemons help to boost the power of the body's white blood cells. When the first signs of a cold or the flu start to show, you should increase your hydration to make sure the body flushes out harmful substances more quickly. If you add a little extra lemon to your water, you will be able to boost your body's immune system and improve its ability to fight back against any illness. This is in addition to the lemon juice's natural ability to kill bacteria. The best part is that you don't even need to load up on a lot of lemon – a single teaspoon is enough to drastically boost the immune system.

Hydration is extremely important, and there are plenty of easy, natural ways to make it even more valuable to your body. The next time you pour yourself a glass of water, consider adding a little bit of lemon!