At Water Coolers Direct we are committed to donating to charity and helping out with good causes wherever possible.

Since the company started in 2004 we have been regularly contributing to good causes and have donated over £12,000 to charity. This includes raising £7,400 for our partner Oxfam, enough to enable them to buy 4 water tanks to provide 4,000 people with water per day.

We then struck up a partnership with FRANK Water and donated over £7,400 to FRANK Projects, the majority of which has helped provide a clean water facility for over 6,000 people in the village of Pedatummidi in India.

Most recently we have donated £300 to Kids In Action, a children's charity that's dedicated to helping disabled and disadvantaged children by organising activities, outings and holidays that gives them the opportunity to enjoy the mental, physical, social and emotional stimulation of doing the sorts of things we take for granted.