Going overseas for a holiday, or even longer, can be a fantastic experience for travellers of all ages. But in order to enjoy these adventures we need to stay safe and healthy for the duration of our trip. If you enjoy visiting the warmer climes for your annual break, you should really ensure that you and your family or travelling partners always stay on top of the hydration regime. This article touches on a few vital points that, if followed, should keep you nice and healthy and able to enjoy your fabulous overseas holiday to the max.

The risks  

Here in the UK, we are fortunate to experience a number of seasons and even the summer temperatures are a little lower than the tropical countries we love to visit. So staying topped up with water is even more important when we are out and about on the beach or simply lazing by the pool. Forget about seeing the stars happily slurping on cocktails around the clock, water is the only real liquid that will keep you looking good and feeling great!

Beer is not the answer

We sometimes see happy travellers downing bottles of ice cold beers whilst kicking back on the beach or lounging by the pool, but in reality this is not such a smart move. After all, you'll be even more dehydrated with this potential double whammy under your belt. So think about how you are going to cope with that tropical hangover if water isn't exactly abundant.

Top Up!

If you are the adventurous type on holiday and love to get out on those excursions as often as possible, ensure that you always have a bottle or two of water packed in your backpack. All holiday destinations will have plenty of outlets that stock bottled water and your hotel may even supply some free mineral water as part of the deal.

Before You Sleep

Another reason to stay nice and hydrated whilst abroad is the air-conditioning that most decent hotels have pumping out in your room 24/7. Although this will lower the room temperature nicely, they do tend to dry us out, especially when getting our 8 hours rest every night. So it is a rather clever idea to keep a bottle of water by your bedside and take a drink before you doze off, and if wake up during the night. You could always turn the unit off before you head off to bed, but the higher temperatures will also dry you out and probably keep you awake!

Stay safe, stay hydrated!

So, to recap, when you are abroad and want to get the most of your overseas jaunt, always take some fresh bottled water with you. You will enjoy your holiday far more if you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed and you'll return looking nice and hydrated and refreshed.

If you struggle to keep on top of
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