Here at Water Coolers Direct we are often asked to recommend the most efficient and economical way for companies to provide their staff with fresh drinking water, especially now as it is a legal requirement to provide easily accessible drinking water in the office. The traditional approach was to have a rented bottled water cooler in the corner of the room that dispenses drinking water as and when required, but they are expensive, rely on the storage of massive plastic bottles, you break your back just trying to replace the bottles (incidentally, health and safety states that women should only lift 16kg and a 19 litre bottle for a cooler weighs 19kg), not to mention the huge carbon footprint of transporting and delivering all of the water required! So, Water Coolers Direct is providing a significantly cheaper and ‘greener' alternative with water coolers that are plumbed straight into the water mains of the building and provide a constant supply of chilled, filtered water. There is now no need to buy bottles of water, no need for bottle deliveries, no need to change the bottles, plus you can benefit from huge cost savings and environmental benefits. The clever IT team here at Water Coolers Direct has created an online calculator that helps you to easily work out how much money you can save by switching from a bottle to plumbed in cooler, as well as the environmental savings that can be made. For example if you have an office of 20 people and currently use 2 bottled water coolers, you could save almost £1800 over 3 years and take 624 bottles off the road by switching to a plumbed in solution! Click here to go to the water cooler calculator and work out how much you can save.