In the UK, tea or coffee is an essential part of life and a necessary to get us Brits through the day. Tea is the go-to beverage of choice whether you need to relax, energise, or warm up. However, a recent study from the Energy Savings Trust has revealed that overfilling your kettle wastes precious resources and money. The Findings of the Study The Energy Saving Trust looked at 86,000 households to discover common water usages and how to reduce them. They discovered that each year, three quarters of British households overfill their kettle which wastes a total of £68 million. Nine billion litres of water are used each day collectively by British families, 22% of which is used by kitchen appliances such as kettles, dishwashers and washing machines. 95% of British families boil the kettle every day, with 40% of those doing it more than five times a day. Reducing this use of the kettle through sources like kitchen hot taps can aid in saving both water and energy resources. How to Save with your Kettle Heating water requires energy, demanding many of the precious energy sources that are dwindling and becoming more and more expensive. The less hot water you use, the more you can save. When it comes to boiling the kettle, you should only boil the amount of water you need. Furthermore, never boil water and forget about it making it necessary to reboil later. If the water is still hot when you go for a second cup of tea, then use it; there is no need to add new water or reboil. Through minimising the amount of water you boil, and then you will save both water resources and energy resources. An Alternative to the Traditional Kettle A great alternative to traditional kettles is hot taps. Hot taps provide you with instant boiling hot water and eliminate the need for reboiling kettles. With kitchen hot taps, you will get filtered water at up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit delivered at the press of a button! Not only will you be using the exact amount of water you want, you will also have fresh tasting filtered water. Hot taps are also great for helping with cooking and cleaning. There are a few options available from Water Coolers Direct including the InSinkErator Hot Tap and then the Heatrae Sadia AquaTap and Zip HydroTap which both have cold tap capabilities so you can have chilled water or hot water. Although the cost for such a hot tap is initially high, it will end up paying for itself over time. hot taps In light of the Energy Savings Trust study, it is time for Britain's to start finding ways to reduce their energy costs, especially with making tea. Considering the high volume of use a kettle gets, everyone should find ways to decrease the energy and water use, while still enjoying their daily cuppa, or five. Whether you use less water and use the kettle less often, or opt for kitchen hot taps, finding ways to help the environment and save money will benefit everyone.