With the clocks going back and the night's drawing in, winter is definitely on its way. If last year is anything to go by, we could be in store for another chilly one with plummeting temperatures and frosty days and nights.

We all know it is very important to keep hydrated all year round but the last thing we want to drink is cold water on a cold day. Here at Water Coolers Direct we have come up with some interesting facts and advice to encourage you to keep up your water intake even through the colder months:

  • Try drinking warm water with a slice of lemon – it makes the drink more appealing and is an ideal way to start your day as it cleanses your system too
  • Drinking warm water is better for you as it reaches your blood stream quicker. It also makes an ideal antidote to headaches that are often caused by dehydration
  • Add fresh ginger as it will not only hydrate you but also improves your circulation
  • By adding some honey and a slice of lemon to your warm water, it will boost your body's immunity – ideal when the winter bugs are doing they're rounds.
  • Your digestive system will thank you for drinking warm water as it is able to work more smoothly
  • Try always asking for a mug of warm water whenever a round of teas are being made in the office to ensure you always have a supply!
  • If you fancy a change and a more exciting alternative to plain warm water, try a herbal tea as a hydrating, comforting alternative to caffeine English tea.

So, on a cold day don't avoid the water cooler but instead head for your Zip tap or use the ‘hot' function on your machine to maintain hydrated even in the colder months.