Hydration a Legal Requirement for FMs

Legal requirements of facilities management companies, or FMs, ensure that employees have proper access to water for hydration and cleanliness at all times. While there are many different ways to meet this demand, the best choice for most companies is to use office water coolers. These products, supplied through companies like Water Coolers Direct, can be placed strategically to enable good hydration while also maximising convenience and efficiency.

Choose your Water Cooler

When deciding on which water cooler to install, you have the option of either plumbed water coolers or bottle-fed water coolers. A mains-fed unit has the advantage of having a constant supply without the need for changing bottles, but does require some planning so you can connect it to the office water supply. A bottled water cooler requires no such planning and can be placed even in areas where there is no plumbing, but does require space to store bottles and an individual who can change the bottles when they run out.

Benefits of Water Coolers

The benefits of having office water coolers installed are many. The units can be placed strategically around the office so they are easy to access without disrupting workflow. They are more sanitary than tap water, since mains-fed coolers filter the water while bottle-fed coolers come with water that has already been purified. Having these units placed about also ensures better health for employees, since it encourages getting refreshment from cool, calorie-free water rather than relying on soft drinks or other high-calorie refreshments.

Getting Started with Bottle-Fed Coolers

If you choose a bottled water cooler there are some questions to bear in mind such as how soon water can be delivered? What size of water bottle is required? And does your client have space to store water bottles, both before and after they have been used. Bottled water coolers will also require a 13 amp electrical socket.

Getting Started with Mains-Fed Coolers

Things to consider before installing mains-fed office water coolers is whether you would like to cooler installed for you or if you will be looking to do this yourself. Water Coolers Direct offer an installation service or alternatively can provide you with a WRAS Approved Installation Kit. On your end, you will need to make sure that the sites where the water dispensers or water coolers are to be installed are clear of debris and easily accessed.

At Water Coolers Direct our team can manage multiple locations and provide excellent advice on how best you as a service provider/FM can handle invoices, health and safety, maintenance and delivery. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements further on 0800 7311 491.