Purification & Accessories

We have all the water purification and accessories you need to complement your drinking water cooler. From cups and sanitisation kits to bottles and drip trays, choose the category you need and add to cart or call our sales team. 

It's important to keep you water dispenser clean and healthy for pristine, fresh drinking water. We partner with 3M and it's best practice to change your purification filter every 6 months. Plus remember to clean out the drip tray and sanitise your office water cooler to kill harmful bacteria and keep you water as clean as the water that enters the water cooler.

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3 Items

Set Descending Direction
  1. Cosmetal G68 H 3 Way Column Tap (J-Class Hot)
    Cold Sparkling Ambient Hot Boiling
  2. Cosmetal G662 2 Way Double Tap (J-Class WG)
    Cold Sparkling Ambient Hot Boiling
  3. Cosmetal G661 1 Way Single Tap (J-Class, Niagara)
    Cold Sparkling Ambient Hot Boiling
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