Drinking Water Fountains

If you require water for an area of high usage then one of our drinking water fountains could be ideal for you. Drinking fountains allow you to serve water, in higher volumes, but without the hassles and costs associated with bottled water delivery.  

Our drinking water fountains optimise space and can be free standing or wall mounted. We recommend that they are fitted with a water purification filter to further improve the quality, taste and odour of your mains water supply. 

We offer a great choice! 

Take a look at our standard range of drinking water fountains that are perfectly suited for all occasions. Within our range we have water fountains for gyms and drinking fountains for schools. These models can be floor standing or counter top depending on space and capacity and whether you want to fill a glass or a bottle for table service. 

Our high performance, high end self-fill water bottling machines have been designed for all catering operations serving water to guests and diners. These products are floor standing and serve, ambient, chilled and sparkling if required. We work with many hotels, pubs and restaurants and cafes, large and small. 

We also supply beautifully branded flip top glass water bottles to add the finishing touches to your professional catering and hospitality operations. Your logo or company name can be etched onto the glass for impact and to complete your bespoke water solution.

Bottling and serving your own water for table service can make you money in your catering and hospitality operations. Serving your own chilled filtered still or sparkling water delivers far higher margins than achieved with bought in bottled water. These products offer a great and compelling return on investment.

Service Contracts and Sanitisation Kits are available for all our Water Fountains

Either purchase a water dispenser sanitisation kit or let us service your drinking water fountain for you. Please contact us for more information on 0800 731 1491.