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Donations to Charity

Since inception in 2004 Water Coolers Direct has donated over £12,000 to charity.

With your help Water Coolers Direct (WCD) has donated over £12,000 to charity since it's inception in 2004 working with both Oxfam and FRANK Water.

WCD are currently looking for a new charity partner, please feel free to call us on 0800 7311 491 with any ideas.

Donations to FRANK

We have donated over £7,400 to FRANK the majority of which has helped provide a clean water facility for over 6,000 people in the village of Pedatummedi in Andhra Pradesh. India.

Katie Harrison, Founder of FRANK Water Projects said "With the help of Water Coolers Ltd we have saved lives by installing the clean water projects."

Water Coolers Direct has donated over £7,400 to Frank Water.

Donations to Oxfam

Water is Life. Every day more than 25,000 people die from water-borne diseases. In any emergency inadequate water supplies are acute health hazards. Through your support Water Coolers has raised enough money (over £7,400) for Oxfam to supply 4,000 people with safe water every day. The donation would buy 4 95,000 litre tanks which are for use in emergency situations when people have been forced to leave their homes. Each tank can supply 1,000 people a day with safe water.

Water Coolers Direct has donated over £7,400 to Oxfam.

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