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The right water cooler for the right location, without onerous rental contracts. Have you had enough of rental contracts or suppliers letting you down; then why not buy your cooler direct?

We sell water coolers, fountains and filters to a wide range of customers throughout the UK from FM’s to offices to schools to customers in the home. Choose from a wide range of water machines including plumbed in and bottled machines, under sink chillers and drinking fountains.

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Water Coolers for Offices

Coolers for OfficesProviding a cooler for your office can be one of the best things you can do for your employees, not only can water increase concentration levels but it’s a great way of being seen to support your hard working office staff. We offer a wide selection of office water coolers including bottled and plumbed in machines.

Water Coolers for the Home

Coolers for the HomeFed up with the taste and odour of your mains water? We have a wide range of water coolers for the home including bottled coolers and domestic filters that will help you provide chilled fresh tasting water to your family.

Plumbed in Water Coolers

Plumbed in Coolers Save money and eliminate the headaches associated with bottled water delivery by opting for a plumbed in cooler. Choose from our wide range of plumbed in water coolers each capable of offering chilled filtered water at a fraction of the cost of a bottled machine.

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled CoolersSick of unreliable suppliers? Buy one of our bottled water coolers and switch suppliers if delivery proves to be unreliable.

Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking Fountains If you require water for an area of high usage then one of our drinking water fountains could be ideal for you.

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