Water Coolers

We specialise in everything hydration! Our product portfolio boasts the widest range of mains fed (plumbed in water coolers) and bottled water coolers, to suit all budgets and locations, from the home to the workplace. We work with the leading brands to deliver high performance at affordable prices. Chilled and filtered water at the touch of a button - floorstanding or table top models, with ambient, cold and hot functionality.

Providing a cooler for your office can be one of the best things you can do for your employees to keep your work force happy and hydrated for health and wellbeing benefits. Water increases concentration levels and is a great way of being seen to support your hard working staff.

We can help you find the right water cooler for your location, without tedious rental contracts and the headaches that the supply chain brings. Call our friendly team of hydration experts on our Help Desk on 0800 731 1491.