Make the right choice and tackle plastic pollution today!

More and more gyms, reception areas, foyers and offices are installing plumbed in (mains fed) water coolers where you refill your glass or sports bottle, recycle and reuse. More environmentally friendy than bottled coolers and chilled and filtered water tastes great too.

See a selection of our eco friendly products below:

How can I do my bit

Plumbed in water coolers and drinking water fountains are a great way to conveniently get filtered water whilst reducing the number of single use water bottle you use. Be sure to use a re-usable bottle, glass or mug


  1. Cosmetal River Drinking Water Fountain

    The ideal drinking water fountain for public spaces such as waiting rooms, schools and shopping centres, the River fountain is easily connected to the water mains and provides a constant supply of fresh water. Bubbler tap for drinking directly from fountain and swan-neck tap for filling water bottles supplied with fountain. Stainless Steel finish.

  2. Niagara Water Cooler

    The Niagara range are built not only to be robust, but also to product large amounts of water. Perfect for use in the Catering sector, or in bars and restaurants.

    We have a wide range of appliances, desktop or free standing and can also provide sparkling water. In house bottling is a big way to save costs and help to save the environment.

  3. Sale BlueChill Winix 5C Silver Mains Water Cooler, Free Standing Cold and Ambient
    BlueChill Winix 5C Silver Mains Water Cooler, Free Standing Cold and Ambient
    £239.00 Sale Price £325.00 RRP
    26% DISCOUNT

    Winix 5C Silver Mains Water Cooler

    Our most popular free standing plumbed in water cooler. Ideal for the use in an office, or small public environment to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Affordable and easy to install.

    Comes with a built in cup holder – compliant with our P6 recyclable cups, making it easy for customers or staff to do there bit for the environment.

  4. Aquality Plumbed in Water Cooler

    The Aquality is a direct chill Plumbed in Water Cooler – ideal for use in high usage offices, or in gyms or sports clubs to fill sports bottles.

    Cup Holder also provided and compliant with our recyclable cups.