Plumbed in Water Coolers

Our plumbed-in water coolers or mains-fed water coolers are the ideal office solution that saves you money and helps the environment.
Save on the cost of bottled water delivery, storage, and usage with a plumbed-in cooler that delivers a constant supply of fresh-tasting chilled water on tap.

Removes the need to order or store bulky bottles, health and safety problems, and no risk of running out, even in the middle of summer!

Water is drawn from the mains into the plumbed water cooler, filtered, and chilled before dispensing, providing a constant supply of great-tasting water for all your staff.

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3 Items

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  1. Cosmetal Niagara 65 SL Cold & Ambient Freestanding Water Cooler 65 Ltr/Hr
    Cold Sparkling Ambient Hot Boiling
  2. Cosmetal Niagara In 180 Cold & Ambient Undersink Chiller 180 Ltr/Hr
    Cold Sparkling Ambient Hot Boiling
  3. Cosmetal J Class Cold, Ambient & Sparkling Table Top Water Cooler 30Ltr/Hr (Black)
    Cold Sparkling Ambient Hot Boiling
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