Drinking Water! 5 ways to add fun to your slurp!

24 August 2011 (0) comments

Do you get bored of drinking your RDA of water? It can be truly uninspiring to stick to water as your drink of choice day in, day out, even though you know you should. SO, I have gone on a one (wo)man mission to find out some ways of livening up your water drinking regime.

  1. Use some funky coasters to brighten up your water ‘landing space’. There are loads of cool coasters on the market and these mini palette ones are my favourite. Well worth a purchase I think.
  2. You could use our Drink Alarm app. It allows you to view your hydration progress on a graph to encourage you to keep up your intake of water. It makes drinking water a bit more interesting at least.
  3. Why not try a nice and healthy cordial in your water to liven it up a little? The Bottlegreen company do a whole range of fab tasting and unusual cordials that all contain pure and natural ingredients. The Strawberry and Elderflower cordial is a particular favourite...
  4. I’ve found this really cool (no pun intended) site that does novelty ice cube trays. You could liven up your water with some shaped ice cubes. The Lego bricks are a particular favourite of mine!
  5. Try peeling and freezing bits of different fruit such as lemons, limes and oranges to put them into your glass of water to add a bit of flavour and variety.

These are just a few; do you have any more to add? Please let us know!



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