Population figures report that London is currently home to almost ten million inhabitants. This means that an incredible strain is being placed on water supplies. As a result, Thames Water is seriously considering implementing a program that would see its residents being supplied with recycled toilet waste that is treated in a way which makes it safe for human consumption. As a result, many residents may be considering the use of domestic water filters.

Domestic Water Filter

A Step Too Far

Thames Water has stated that if current water consumption levels continued, there would be a shortage of around 125 million litres per day. However, Londoners are outraged about the idea of drinking chemically treated sewerage with many of them stating that it would definitely not be something that they would consider consuming. While the plan to implement the use of recycled water has not yet happened, if it does, Thames Water is considering implementing by 2025. A move such as this would encourage many residents to make use of domestic water filters.

Invest in Domestic Water Filters

Across the world, the quality of drinking water has declined rapidly over the past few years. This has resulted in many people purchasing home water coolers that are not only able to provide them with a refreshing drink, but in many cases are also able to filter impurities from drinking water leaving a much more pleasant taste.

Benefits of Home Water Coolers

By choosing to invest in home water coolers or domestic water filters, you can ensure that your family has refreshingly chilled and safe water to drink at any time. Having this beverage on tap also saves substantial amounts of money because you will no longer need to purchase bottled water which is often exorbitantly priced. An added benefit for those who use home water coolers is that because they have safe water on tap to drink, they will no longer be contributing to the high levels of pollution caused by plastic water bottles.

Types of Domestic Water Filters

home water coolers These days, many home water coolers are supplied with a filtration system that removes impurities from the water before it is consumed. Under the sink models are among the more affordable options and are ideal for those who have limited space on countertops. Countertop water coolers can also be fitted with filtration and purification systems and tap solutions are designed to be installed under a kitchen sink or even under a bar sink in order to maximise countertop space and provide pure drinking water through a dedicated tap.

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