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Domestic Water SoftenerDomestic Water Softener £459.95

Remove the hardness from your house water supply with our new Water Softener.

Suitable for houses with up to 4 bedrooms our softener will make water hardness a thing of the past.

Key Benefits:

  • More than 30% savings on your heating bills
  • Less maintenance on all water appliances such as boilers, kettles, washing machines etc
  • Protect your pipes from being clogged up completely
  • More productive use of soap leading to; easier washing, easier bath and sink cleaning, brighter glassware and crockery etc

If you're unsure if a Water Softener is for you then please call our HelpDesk on 0800 7311 491.


What is Hard Water

Water is known as hard water when it has a lot of calcium or magnesium dissolved in it, this can cause "scale" to form on the inside of pipes and any type of water heater such as kettles, boilers, washing machines and so on. The scale caused by hard water doesn't conduct heat well and also reduces the flow through pipes which may eventually become completely clogged up. Hard water also reacts with soap to form a sticky scum, and impedes soap's ability to lather thereby making all cleaning less effective and more difficult to accomplish.

Maintenance Requirements

Essentially the system only requires topping up with salt every so often but if you find that the productivity drops over time you could consider purchasing a Resin Restorer such as Softener Mate available at checkout.

Worried About Your Salt Intake?

Our Water Softener uses a very small amount of salt. If you wish to control the amount of salt that you are consuming then you could consider making use of our Reverse Osmosis system within your kitchen which will reduce the salt in your drinking water by 98%.

Softener Mate

Water supplies contain impurities that may effect your softener if left untreated. Iron, dirt, silt, organics and bio film may not be removed by the salt regeneration system. Simply add a sachet of Softener Mate to your salt tank for every bag of salt and at the next regeneration Softener Mate will remove the unwanted contaminates. (see below to purchase)



How does a Water Softener Work?

All softeners work in essentially the same way, the incoming water enters the softener and passes through a tank of ion exchange resin. The resin traps all the magnesium and calcium that creates lime scale and leaves the soft water to enter your water system. The machine contains an automatic timer control which will periodically clean or regenerate the resin. This is done by passing salt water through the resin which swaps places with the magnesium and calcium and allows the trapped minerals to be flushed away.

Automatic Timed Regeneration

The regeneration process is automatically set by you on a timing mechanism. The regeneration consumes 2 kgs of salt and lasts for 60 minutes.


Height: 680mm Width: 275mm Depth: 450mm


The system weighs 21kg

Manufacturers Warranty

The water softener comes with a 1 year warranty. Extended warranty options and service contracts are available, please contact our HelpDesk to find out more on 0800 7311 491.

Rust Out

For old resin beds or those known to suffer from iron fouling use new Rust Out. Simply add a sachet of Rust Out to your salt tank and at the next regeneration Rust Out will remove the unwanted iron fouling. (see below to purchase)


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Domestic Water Softener



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Domestic Water Softener


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Softener Mate (6 Sachets)


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Rust Out (6 Sachets)


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Contact Us or phone our HelpDesk for FREE advice on 0800 7311 491


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If you would like to find out more about our Domestic Water Softener then please contact our HelpDesk for FREE no obligation advice on 0800 7311 491.


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