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Mains Desktop Water Cooler

Mains filtered water coolers provide a constant source of freshly filtered water at a fraction of the cost of a bottled water cooler.

The WCD Mains Desktop Water Cooler is compact, stylish and economical, attractive yet robust it's suitable for most office environments and reception areas. The cooler has an internal filter which improves water quality and taste by removing organic chemicals and odours. The huge 4.5 litre capacity makes it ideal for offices with up to 40 members of staff.

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A Fully Sealed System

A fully sealed drinking system that eliminates the need for your water to be exposed to daylight or human contact. This greatly minimises dust and bacterial contamination in the water cooler that is such a weakness with the on/off bottle method.


Not a Bottle in Sight

The constant supply of mains filtered water ensures that time is not wasted handling heavy bottles, valuable storage space is not lost and there is no chance of running out of water even on hot days.


Ideal for Offices with up to 40 Members of Staff

The huge 4.5 litre capacity makes it ideal for offices with up to 40 members of staff.


Chilled & Hot Water Option Available

A chilled & hot water option is available making the cooler ideal for cool drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, soups and more... The Chilled & Hot Water Option comes complete with a self closing hot water tap, easy for adults to use but helps protect young children.


A Quality Finish

The cooler comes with moulded ABS top and front panels, electric zinc coated steel side panels which feature a high polymer resin finish. The cooler comes complete with an anti splash removable drip tray and on off status neon indicator lights.


FREE Installation Advice

If you would like free installation advice please feel free to contact us



Height: 670 mm Width: 307 mm Depth: 307 mm


Technical Specification

To view a full technical specification of this water cooler click here

Buy this cooler and help Oxfam

This Water Cooler carries a 5.00 donation to OxfamOur Mains Desktop Water Cooler carries a £5.00 donation to Oxfam to help fund lasting solutions to poverty and suffering around the world. Contact us for more info


Fresh Filtered Water - always on tap

Mains filtered water coolers are cost effective and environmentally friendly. They are connected directly into your mains water supply, with the water passing through an advanced in-line filtration system that removes organic chemicals, tastes and odours, leaving only crystal clear, fresh tasting water.


Easy Installation

Our Installation Kit is WRAS approvedWe can install the cooler for you (at a cost of £99.00) as long as the installation address is in the UK. Alternatively install the cooler yourself using our FREE WRAS Approved Installation Kit. Always remember our HelpDesk is just a phone call away.


Low Maintenance

We will remind you when cleaning and filter replacement is required. Maintenance is easy and if you don't want to clean the cooler yourself we have a list of recommended contractors throughout the UK who will be able to help you (for pricing please contact us).


Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly CFC Free refrigerant R134a.


Cup Dispenser

A cup dispenser may be attached to the cooler.


1 Year Warranty on the sealed refrigeration system and most component parts.

1 Year Warranty on the sealed refrigeration system and most component parts, contact us for more details.

Easy payment schemes

 Easy payment schemes are available, so for free no obligation advice or to hear about our special offers please Contact Us.


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