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by Water-Coolers-Direct on April 17, 2013

Many businesses are electing to make small changes in the way they operate in order to help the environment. With the government’s recent incentives such as the Green Deal more and more companies are realising that not only can they do their bit for the environment but they can also save money at the same time.

The Green Deal has sparked a lot of interest amongst business owners as there are no upfront costs involved for improving energy efficiency but there are big savings to be made. How the scheme works is you pay the costs through your energy bill over a period of time. The costs stay with the property and so if you move out, the bill stays with the property where the savings are happening, not with the bill payer.

Some of the areas where savings can be made are through improving insulation, heating, draught-proofing and double glazing within a property. Additionally there are many other ways in which businesses can help the environment and save themselves money, one of these ways is through the amenities used such as the water cooler.

Many companies are now switching from bottled water coolers to plumbed in water coolers as this can help to eliminate the waste that is associated with plastic water bottles and reduce the number of drivers on the road delivering these bottles.

What are Plumbed in Water Coolers?

Plumbed in water coolers are attached to the plumbing of a home or office building. They look much like traditional coolers with the exception being that there is no plastic bottle attached to them. They provide a constant supply of water that is filtered and free of contaminants and unwanted chemicals. Water is dispensed from this cooler simply by pressing a button. Unlike traditional bottled water coolers, there is never any need to refill them since the unit will always have a fresh supply of water available at all times.

Why Office Water Coolers are Important

Even when performing light duty, workers need to stay well hydrated in order to remain focused and alert. Water coolers are the perfect solution to this dilemma, as they allow you to have lots of fresh cool water available at all times.

Advantages of Plumbed in Water Coolers

The investment in this type of water cooler can provide a number of advantages. Some of the key ones being there is no need to store water bottles on site; there is no waiting for delivery of bottles and no more health and safety problems.

plumbed in water cooler

Available Features

Plumbed in water coolers at Water Coolers Direct have a number of special features available. Our range includes coolers that can be personalised with your company name, coolers that dispense both hot and cold water and large coolers which can serve up to 80 people. For ease of use, desktop models are also available.

When you consider all the advantages of plumbed in water coolers, it makes good sense to consider the switch from traditional models. Not only will you be saving your office money, but you will be helping the environment as well.

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