Bottled Water Predicted to Overtake Those of Regular Soft Drinks By 2015

by Water-Coolers-Direct on May 8, 2013

Although it may be all around us in different forms, water is usually not a beverage that many people give a second thought to. However, the water benefits that our bodies receive when drinking it are a lot more than we realise. In fact, the sales of bottled water look set to overtake those of regular soft drinks by 2015 if current sales trends continue.

Double the Sales in 10 Years

Despite the fact that the global economy has been in a downturn for the past few years, the sales of bottled water have continued to rise steadily. The past 10 years have actually seen sales doubling in most markets with Asia seeing the largest increase of all. It is thought that the healthy image which is usually portrayed by those using bottled water is mostly responsible for this increase in demand. Another factor which could be contributing to the significant increase in bottled water sales is the fact that the quality of tap water in many countries is declining.

Large Market Potential in Third World Countries

Although the per capita consumption levels in countries such as Vietnam, Pakistan and the Philippines is under 10 litres per person per year, statistics are showing that the market potential in these countries is nothing short of phenomenal. Much of this could be attributed to the fact that more and more people are becoming aware of the many water benefits that can be enjoyed by drinking it regularly. Another surprising static revealed that India’s market share is bottled water sales is increasing by around 20% per year.

North American Market Share on the Increase

Despite the fact that the North American market experienced a substantial decline, it has once again started to accelerate towards previous sales levels. Factors which may have contributed to this could include improved quality and selection of bottled water products on the market as well as the fact that many packaged water products cost less than many fizzy drinks.

Benefits of Packaged Water

The most obvious water benefits are health-related, with hydration and a youthful appearance topping the list. Bottled water is also convenient in that it can be packed into a bag or backpack, ensuring a steady supply of drinking water wherever you go. For those who don’t enjoy the taste of plain water, there are many flavoured varieties available that will suit almost any palate. In order to enjoy the full benefit of packaged water, it is important to choose variants that have been naturally flavoured.

All of the above shows that there a wide market for pre-packaged water!


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